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These patterns are considered by some people as having special ificance. Some of these common formats are:.

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Topics: CalendarDatesFun. in. Because of the varying ways in which dates are written around the world, a palindromic date in one date format may not be considered a palindrome in another. Numerical date patterns are not very rare—most dates in the calendar can be written in a way to form a mathematical pattern. In addition to having different date formats, people in many countries also write the digits in the date differently.

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People around the world use different date order formats to write down the numerical form of calendar dates. There are some date patterns, however, that are rare and occur only a few times in a century. The Gregorian calendar is full of dates that, when written in a numerical format, form unique and interesting mathematical patterns. Palindrome dates are dates in which the digits that can be read the same way backward or forward.

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Home Calculators Special Calendar Dates. For example, it is very common in many places to write only the last two digits of the year — 16 instead of Sequential dates depend on the format used to write the date - a date can only be sequential if only the last two digits of the year YY are used and tend to happen in the early part of a century.

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