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Thank you. Cupples sent me some more shells. Then, civic leaders must fill out a lengthy questionnaire concerning what the community has to offer, acceptability by the local residents, etc. I give up! South Pemiscot ended the year with a mark, but was playing better baseball as the season moved along. Ulett has set up a pretty tough criteria for communities to meet in order to even be considered.


We are all interested and anxious to get industry for our town, yet many are not willing to support the effort to get it nor support the industry itself, even after we have acquired it. At the same time. The board denies, ing reports issued weekly through advan f Pr m nittt howeyeri tha dscriminaUon was the University of Missouri Exten- n V first V Practiced against the complainants sion Service will be helpful guides Betterment Conference attracted because of the. Old men, I apologize! As a result to 4 inches more water than falls Dlvlslon of Commerce, reports that of this the professional teaching in showers However we can look are rnembcrs year- staff was trimmed from 15 to Images, compared with vears with Communities n the program The board's answering petition 8 to' 10 in several hoi years in compete with other communities in also stated that they had offered the middle s.


Ethel Tucker of Henderson. This will take the support of many people, not just a few. He said I was fired. In last week's article by Mr. I think if you will check back in past issues of the Enterprise, you will find that most of the items listed in the fantus report had been mentioned by various citizens, the editor, and by this writer.

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The boss won't take back what be said. This was a definite expression of cooperation. The board further stated that plants will be drawing heavily up- eTC. School board was the son cf Arlige and Elizabeth by individual community improve- members maintain that they have Wright and was born in Henderson ments may be achieved with the acted in good faith in the discharge County, Tenn.

He tics interested in a program where- to a Negro cook.


They have Funeral service was conducted has steadily grown in popularity recently employed a Negro bus July 16 at Overland, Mo. Wash Wright. Betty: The man I marry must have courage. No more letters criticising Steele. The is a great difference in the amount Conference Dates board's attorneys also re lU f ted of moisture soaked up on different M 1 mil tkat 0,8 hearing be reschedu,ed for soils. Dave: What did he say? Thanking you for your indulgence; I am, Yours very truly, James A.

A note to -the DOPE inside.


Catty: You're not as bad as all that. The prize money is made of the old St. Paul School, effective available to the Division of Com- July 1,but the teacher de- Servlce Held mcrce for P ty seven- dined. Except in lighter soils, it is Are November 1U, 11 Tuesday, August 10 in Dunklin unlikely that penetration extended, Henry Maddox Director of the ne original complaint was made fields were leveled for irrigation, "f0"?

Wright Since its inceP,i,n u ' e plainants. I have made a big change in my past life and I know the City of Steele can do likewiise. Two Crosskno, members, children: three brothers, T. Editor's o e Henderson, Tenn. The Commission is empowered Charleston. Rotary didnt play Cooter Tuesday.


Members of various committees, city officials and even interested citizens should go by and show their concern over the success of local industry and offer encouragement and support where possible. I read Cotton Funderburk's letter in last week's Enterprise and even though it might have been a little critical in spots, I think it definitely served a purpose. Reduced mois- t n a Z mal"lain tha th,e ture in the upper soil surface should hundred. Thursday morning Janis Curtner and I went riding on our ponies. To Get Hearing Outlook Davis has been a mem- Human Rights this week announced gradual strengthening of high pres- ber of the five-man department for that it has, scheduled a public hear-sure over the southern and central three years.

The latter, officials indicate, didn't really play an important role in Albany being chosen, it was merely icing on the cake. When queried as to whether other towns seeking to be named as sites for the other 10 clinics would have to follow suit, a division spokesman replied in the negative.


Dexter 3. Where were you. With high pressure Davis and his wife, Shula, have school teachers from Rives alleged centers following a path from Mon- two sons, Allen, 8, and Tim, 5. Teacher: I am writing your mother a note thanking her for the six cookies she sent to school Louie: Would you mind thank-fag her for 24 instead.

Paul Elementary moisture storage would be reduced.

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Okay, you got me dead to rights. First, the community itself must approach the division expressing an interest.


They were the original founders of the factory and I feel quite sure that they will be quite sucessful in their new endeavor. Below normal rain- Gene aack; Directtorc 0. Carson explained that prior Morehouse 3. We need more people to stand up for their rights and opinions and have the courage to openly express them.


And the hitting was coming along, too, at the end. This letter is intended as constructive criticism and not for the purpose of agitating any individual or group of individuals. Betterment Section of the effective July 1. Gibbons, president; uary, Martin, vice-president; Wil-He is survived by 11 children quirements for Education, Commu- lard Jackson, treasurer; and Edwin eight girls and three boys; 30 nity Planning, Transportation, Utili- Branch, Elmer Davis and James grandchildren and six great grand- ties, and Community Services.

Beatrice Ledford and to be so honored, and Carthage. This afternoon Thursday Rotary ball players are going to have their pot luck supper at City rjxk. An Fortunately, rainfall during the Week of July 26 investigation was held, the Investi- first half of July has done much to - Eating Commissioner found nsa offset the tendency for drier weath- If vou'd like to Pick UP some there was "probable cause," and er during the next 30 days.

Drier weather may tend to in- tte Director UrgcS 11, p,annmg Paul and that are no crease insect problems, and scout- attend 10 looking reservations in longer employed. The only time the city ever Fhowed any interest in the factory was one time when the water bill was lost in the mail and was unpaid. The primary reason that I am writing this letter is to try to bring a few simple facts to light.

Z schoo board members are not guil- help limit transfer to the air in reservations when the first severe ty of any unlawful employment lower parts of the cotton where b of winter hit on the dates the practices bollnits show uo. Perhaps I'm just a little too far away to have good knowledge of the situation. They have al- below: Little League team, manages a leged that the school board of the Caruthersville.

Burial was at Bridget on. In announcing the selection of Albany, Dr. Ulett noted: "One of the paramount considerations for this type of clinic is a humanitarian understanding and acceptance of the problems and needs of the mentally handicapped. If they offer a product that can be used by local citizenery an effort should be made to purchase these items locally just the same 63877 we should patronize our local merchants as much as possible. Mitchell missouri long term normals indicated landers, assists in managing a and Eris Williams.

SS0"fi cisin to close that school and steele areas showed farmers generally Betterment Awards Ban- egrate all students ta the Rives well pleased with crop prospects. In this respect, Albany presented a progressive point of view.


Let them know we are proud to have them here and that we are willing to help them in any way. I just have a few jokes. T 1 ic p teen M" business firms and At a later dale the board did July 16 ror organizations. Cornelia Tarpley - U m;, cf Sayre, Okla. Dudley: I'm leaving. I do think, however, that the fantus report is a valuable document and if properly used, many can be obtained by carrying out the recommendations in it.

Let us start walking our talk end put shoe leather to our intentions to build a better Steele. Commission, to be of shorter duration, and more Lloyd has attended the State This announcement was made by of the afternoon -and evening Highway Patrol academy and Wei- Commission Chairman Forrest Car-variety of widely scattered activi- don Spring peace officers schools, son in Jefferson City. The parties ty is indicated. The hear-Region, we can expect the cool Desoto.

The steele enterprise from steele, missouri ยท 1

Lloyd's brother, William H. Shower periods are likely trate Court. Further prompting through local action in Albany came from a lumber dealer who offered to furnish all building materials at cost The benefits of being selected as a clinic site are many, with the possibility of providing many local jobs, with the effect of increasing local payrolls, local shopping and in general pulling up a small community by its bootstraps.


So far the Division of Mental Diseases, headed by the able Dr. George Ulett and responsible for site selection, has received letters from 34 Missouri communities expressing an interest in a center. Plans are to increase the production staff to Leon Hellman, the new general manager who recently replaced George Fisher, said this week that experienced industrial sewing machine operaters are wanted now at the factory and that applications for trainees were also being taken.