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Black travelers typically carried blankets, food and cans of gasoline in their cars to avoid embarrassment, or worse. The Fair Housing Act of prohibited housing discrimination on the basis of racecolorreligionsexfamily status or national origin.

Waves of Catholic and Jewish immigrants from Canada and southern Europe moved into Yankee mill towns. Forty years earlier, there had been Vermont had no all-white counties until New Hampshire had no all-white counties inbut two in Keeping out African-Americans happened well before the 19th and 20 th century.

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In Nahant, Mass. But in the s, racism deepened in the North as memories of the Civil War faded. Nahant, ironically, now has the densest population of Greek descendants in New England.


Sundown towns were municipalities that prevented African-Americans or other minorities from lingering after dark. Inall-white Ashby, Mass. To Top. In the early s, the Klan began to hold regular meetings and cross-burnings in small towns in eastern and central Massachusetts. A Klan rally near Montpelier, Vt. The Klan spread rapidly in Maine, with 15, showing up at the state convention in InThe Washington Post estimated New England had more than a half-million Klansmen, within Maine and more thanacross the other New England states.

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Their history is rarely told. The influx of immigrants sparked the revival of the Ku Klux Klan — and created sundown towns.


Similarly, Manchester-By-The-Sea in Massachusetts only allowed blacks and Jews to live within its borders if they were servants. Inrestrictive covenants began appearing in property deeds.


Darien, Conn. Inthe Sharon, Conn. Small towns kept out not just black people, but Jews, Catholics, Greeks, Italians, Indians, even trade unionists and gays. The Klan in London, Ontario. The Civil Rights movement then started to change all that with laws against racist policies.


ByMaine had five. This story about sundown towns was updated in New England Historical Society. And yet entire counties in New England became whiter. James Loewena sociologist who taught at the University of Vermont, discovered thousands of sundown towns throughout the United States, including New England.

Five black people lived in Lincoln County inwhere 26 had lived in Hancock County had 30, people inbut only three were black.

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They used violence and intimidation and restrictive covenants and mortgage practices. A sundown town found in Connecticut. He proved the exception in suburban New England. Photos: Darien, Conn.


Inbaseball great Jackie Robinson bought a house in Stamford, Conn. Some New England counties drove out their entire African-American populations. Recommended for you.

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Gregory Peck played a reporter pretending to be Jewish to write a story on anti-Semitism. The federal government encouraged sundown towns through discriminatory mortgage practices.

From tothe U. Between andmore than a million African-Americans moved from the South to the North. Between and98 percent of loans approved by the federal government in Connecticut went to white, non-Hispanic borrowers. Another realtor in Greenwich, Conn.


Byonly nine did. From tomany African Americans who lived in rural areas of New England had to move to cities.