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Creepy little buggers. It's a time waster. Today I logged in to find that my has been closed for no reason.


Any good review here is probably company posted and DIA is most likely a data mining business. You write the site admins and they never respond and never reactivate your. Is it alright because this is a free site?

When you are [ protected] dancing 4 ever. Everything it's handled by algorithm probably, but it's not a good way to operate, algorithm can be wrong. Scammers run rampant, there is no control over money scam, fraudsters never get banned. Whos people living in the trueth worlds. Top Stores - Read reviews for some of our best stores.

Our verdict

It used to be a review site and it helped some people but it's not the case any longer. I don't know why they banned it. Scammers run rampant on DateinAsia, there is no control over money scam, fraudsters never get banned. Do you want s me a things to do the asia comes true together with you 4 ever. Yeah, the date will just say, they are free, so they can do whatever they want?

All I did on DateinAsia was talk to scammers until they asked me for money. It's a miserable practice! I also activated my and logged out. I ed up for this site the other night created my profile went to sleep. Do not touch this site They hacked my and sent to contacts saying I had a secret crush please site.

Once banned, you have no recourse and they never inform you what infraction has been committed. Sadly, I wasted a lot of time on DateinAsia and all I did was talk to scammers until they asked me for money. Since they didn't give me any assurance. Dateinasia Reviews Reviews 1. They will just lurk your. Stay always from this garbage site. Made anwasted a ton of time with pics and whatsnot, and then i got going, talked with some girls sand then BAM, banned; for no reason at all, didnt even use a sexual word, just gone. complaints & reviews

All the ladyboys I come across on this garbage site all ask for money. TERRIBLE site - Delete s for no good reason and makes it difficult to set up a new one except scammers who seem to set up multiple s I recognised the photos. Its like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, why bother? Write A Review It only takes 30 seconds!

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I was Kicking myself wondering what i did to get Blanked. Moreover, I think the site encourages their activity, since these beautiful but usually fake photos attract more users and help them make huge profits and separate people from their hard-earned money.


I also got banned 3 years ago or maybe more because I had an argument with a gold digger, they even got into the argument and stood against me, then banned my. I give it one star because zero is not possible.


We well shall fullen in me. When I woke up I logged in saw I had some messages so responded to one of them just saying "Hello How are you?

Date in asia review

How could this site operate without intervention done by the authorities? Be careful with this site, they used my profile and pictures, hacked my and sent spam to all my contacts. I have not even sent one message and just ed a single normal photo, then they blocked my profile for no reason. This platform allows users to get banned for no reason at all.

Because Date In Asia dating site didn't send me any notification that my is about to closed. It makes no use to report a scammer. Just a waste of time.


This site is useless, unethical, hopeless and pointless with arbitrary closures. Don't use. In a pleasant pleases dearest lovers in the normal worlds to do. Many of the members were fake. Many ask for money for food others ask for money for different things like luxary goods and different crap. Since the first address I used it here were banned by them.

They have this crazy of scammers and golddiggers and dodgy users. get closed without reason, impossible to contact staff for having explanation. I can't add much other than to confirm what the others have said is true. You register, start chatting, are very polite, make nice friends, and then out of nowhere you're banned for no reason. Horrible site.

Whats can you see thats the worlds beguns my darlings. Where is yours fallen in me 4 ever. Please dont miss a things to you. How [ protected] agains forevere.


They should name their site get scammed in asia. I really inform to the public, to please don't pursue nor recommend this site. Evething i can do to you. So Frustrating, its like talking to Children. Better not to try, so you will not regret.


After contacting them, they can't guarantee a reply lol I mean it can't get worse than that. I wasted a lot of time on DiA. They don't have this crazy of scammers and golddiggers like DateinAsia have. Would you like to saw now in lovers in forest looking animals. All Stores Register. Is that it? So i just created another.


They immediately closed it. You've been warned. Horrible site and policy. ed yesterday, was clean with one picture, 1 hour later i logged in and DIA had it deleted, and didnt reply to my s. How can I assure that my picture posted in there site is really deleted? Reviews We collate all the best reviews from around the Internet so you can view them in one place. Why I do that?


I created an yesterday with nothing wrong, no bad photos, no sex or fetishism. Scammers run rampant on DateinAsia, there is no control over them, they never get banned. Much of the same thing though All Ghosters or Yo Yo chatters. This is not a good site. No idea why, they have no support to talk to or anything. What a nonsense. Moreover, I think the site encourages their activity, since these beautiful but usually fake photos attract more users and fleece them of their money, draining their bank s.

Once banned, you will have no recoarse to get your reinstated This blocked, banned and closed my for no reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't bother with this site. Hello so i recently ed DIA and began ing my photos, then was able to speak to two of the fine ladies on the site, then suddenly the webmaster requested me to date out an confirmation I just created a new profile and it was immediately closed. So in my nervousness I tried asia in again to check if my is still there.

Our reviews are aggregated from multiple sources to give you the best overview about dateinasia. This site is the freaking worse. Ok if you are seeking a Single Mum. Most of the single ones sends messages then dont reply agin like its all Game. There all fake and filled with scammers.