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Once you get through you must make it clear what you want. Alternatively, you may cancel your registration or subscription at any time by giving us notice of your wish to cancel by telephone or :. FYI, All three of these sites are less than […]. It doesn't include it in theI've tried several times.

I work in the community with youth and they are defaming my character! Would he have had to up to this site separately or is it linked to porn sites that could've started an ? Also call your credit company they can help you get your money back. This site is full of scammers also customer service is extremely poor. Hi, I am your money u spent trying to get your nob tickled on a site where there is more fake shit than your personality.

This is basically what this site has done. Go to your bank and tell them the company has taken the funds. This dating site actually sends out fake messages to male members and makes it appear as if they are receiving legitimate s from local women looking to hook up with them.

How does naughtydatework?

Not enough people know how these sites operate so these illegitimate dating services are still able to flourish and make millions of dollars per year on the ignorance of the general public. Followed the youtube instructions, it wasn't that simple… they must have changed something.

When you do try to reply you cannot send messages unless you pay for the privilege of sending and receiving s by purchasing a paid monthly membership.


What can i do. Do not give any info to these charlatans. I'm good on that!. Robin, according to my research, you'll have to go to Tortola, BVI. But you're right, this site is a total scam sham. Site should be shut down!! I never ed up to this site and my is notregistered so cannot get in to delete. What's really happening is they send fake s in the hopes that you try to reply.


None of the actual images of females on the site are connected to a real person who is a member of the dating service. Did you find out what the cancellation code is? How to delete your Naughtydate.


These bitches are fake. This is how the scam works. It's all a scam they would ask for ur credit card details the. So realistically if you want to start a fake dating site all you would need to do is copy and paste images of beautiful women in bikinis off of the internet, create fake profiles and the men would your dating site in droves. I know my hands are somewhat tied because they are an LLC and are out of US territory, but I will do everything that I can to shut them down.

This site is owned by TogetherNetworks. My face is being tied to this shitty website. I want these bastards on a plate…. Look elsewhere to find real legitimate women. Men usually think with their little head not there big one.


Of course there's really no point in upgrading to a paid membership because the women sending you these messages are not real and have been fabricated by the dating site. If you want to search for real women check out these these legit sites. I mean fish. Tom it was probably Naughtydate. Legitimate dating sites don't work that fast and it takes a little bit of time to build up a momentum.

They also lie and said i upgraded when I did not! And for every chat message of course we could not read the message from the person, we needed to once again you guessed it upgrade and pay for a membership in order to read those messages. I ed last week under five euros they have taken over two euros in a week and sent me a to say I was getting fined every month euros until I cancelled but can't get it to cancel Iam in Spain for six months don't want to mess my card up how do I stop them.

Usually you have to send out s to the women on the site, most women don't chase men it's the other way around.


Somebody help im freaking out i dont want my mom to see this because she looks at what i spend i cant find the contact info somebody help please [ protected]. I paid for a 3 day trial and before the trial was up they charged me. Call your bank to get your money back.

Yes they are fraud i also tried to get my money back but they wont.


Any chat messages you receive are probably going to be fake as well. I would not recommend "naughtydate" to anyone. Did you know or realize that this site actually admits to creating fake dating profiles that they call "Staff Profiles".

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This is the farthest thing from the truth. All the dating scams that we have exposed all use fictitious female profiles. Probably one of the biggest red flags with dating scams is if you start receiving messages within 10 minutes see evidence below of registering on a dating site. My photo and a profile has turned up on naughtydate.

When you ask the question again, they answer "what was the q. The girls are not real, when you ask the girls specific questions they answer like a chinese machine is answering or not at all. Here is a link to the specific section section 1 where they talk about the "Staff Profiles". I wanted to let you know that I have watched u peeing on your boyfriend than lettin fb him pound ur pooper till u explode…toddles.


Im going to find these people and they are going to pay a big price for this no matter what the cost im going to get them!!!!! Domain Name: naughtydatingagency. Nice place for a vacation. The girls aren't real, if u ask specific questions they'll answer the same way or say goodbye when you ask them to meet u.

Hi, 'my partner was on this site but no messages had been sent and it only had hisage and location. If anyone else has these issues please respond so we can forces.

Naughtydate: a full review

I'll just spread the word and They will follow! This site is bursting at the seams with nothing but fictitious females. Ur gone all r money will go biggest scam Eva. They also charged me before my 3 day trial expired. Yes, their address is located in the British Virgin Islands.

Complete scam, they refufe to give refunds. My picture and profile info were lifted from my match. I asked them what part of perth are you from and never get a reply as they are not local people and never intend on meeting you PLEASE stay away from this scam. For instance if you ask them a naughty question about where you were the chat before like at a baseball game they can't answer it, or a qestion like "are your panties on or off" they will not answer this question they go to a seemingly unrelated sexual answer.

Although it does not go into great detail about how they run their fake profiles you just need to understand that the scam is not using legitimate female images and they are not real members. Lucky i used a prepaid credit card which also expires in a month this site remindes me of telemarketers sitting behind a desk just talking to you.

Shady international company. As you can see from the evidence showing below we received 4 chat messages. You have to pick up your phone and call. This has been going on for many years and why wouldn't it date