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Check out Part 2! By jlnewport. My MS has progressed quite a bit, but he is patient and understanding I retired Our physical relationship suffers because I have difficulty caused by my symptoms. The day after, however, was not. My marriage ended for a lot of reasonsbut me pushing her away was certainly one of them. Even the most understanding of people might have trouble with any one of those issues.

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By grizz I believe its just I of the society we live in these days me me I for one would never ignore a friend no matter what. Can I logistically date with MS? This is a disease that is infamous when it comes to mobility issues. The easy thing to say, is that of course I can and should date. What I would like is a relationship with a man my age without the complications of marriage. I dated several men, none of them considered it a roadblock.

Dating can be difficult for anyone—but ms doesn’t have to limit your options.

But I was very forthright about the progression of my disease. He was independently wealthy, and as such, did not have an understanding that doing my very physical job, gave me an enormous amount of fatigue.

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So I texted to let him know I wasn't feeling well, and long story short, he hasn't reached out again. I am not a "Debbie Downer" but this is not MS specific. When I list off all the potential issues, it seems pretty crazy to consider dating someone, right? He began to seem embarrassed when my legs would tremor in the presence of others I was an embarrassment to him. One of the biggest issues for me, is if I really begin to love someone, why would I want to subject them to all of this? Nip it in the bud.

"starting a podcast in lockdown helped us take ownership of the situation"

But around 6 months after we married, suddenly he lost his job. So it may not be apparent at first, but getting around is extremely difficult for me even when I do use the cane. Through the years, I began exhibiting more outward symptoms. Not because I enjoy talking about me, but because I know this is something on the minds of many people who battle Multiple Sclerosis.

The fact that my issues are not that visible causes its own brand of awkwardness. Making and keeping plans is a notoriously big problem for those with MS too. Illness appears as a with and no one likes chores. If you really want find another human being to be with and believe it or not, there are many people who are very happy without thatthen yes, you should do it. I ed one of the online dating services. Many people use wheelchairs, canes, or walkers to get around. Regardless of their age or the dating of their symptomseveryone is entitled to and multiple desires love. I had to be certain that I would not get into another situation like the one.

When I was married, that was a constant struggle for me.

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We have been married nearly 17 years. Second marriage for both of them, they have been married for many years. Just as it does with everything else, MS will make it a bit more difficult. The person I decided to go out with was someone who I had known for 13 years.

This sounds like an easy answer, right? Of course I should, everyone deserves to find love and happiness. How would that work out for someone like me when there are already a lot of able-bodied folks out there in the dating pool?

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That was 9 years ago. By jackiemack.

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More than the feeling of having to rely on someone else, I dating being a burden to others. But I'm so multiple to it now I sclerosis haven't made a move in that direction. By tess So in my mind, if some one is interested in you, I say be honest right out of the gate. Please don't think that. Being out late the night before, coupled with the stress of going on a date for the first time in years, knocked me on my butt the next day. He lived in an affluent mountain community about an hour and a half away, and seemed to think that on my rotating days off, I could drop everything and come to him.

Should I just preface every first date with, "By the way, I have MS and might be too tired to follow through with our plans at times. I couldn't decide where to meet men, I married when I was with 17 so what did I know? Give yourself more credit for what you have given to your relationships. I used to volunteer in our small community, because at least then, I felt like I had some self worth, but he complained and complained that I spent too much time volunteering, so I stopped.

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By mamak It took a lot to get to the point of actually saying yes to go out with somebody, and our first date was fun. By Devin Garlit. And it was our second date! One never realizes what a loss their death will be felt. It is not going to be easy, but everyone can date. All of these problems that can arise from my disease. I also made certain that anyone I dated had a secure income. I really do believe there is someone for everyone.

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That was okay, because I was very well paid Nearly our entire 8 year marriage consisted of mine being the primary income. By silverfarr. As I said earlier, there is a lot more to cover on this topic, so please look out for future chapters of this!

I hope you have more supportive friends and family than your partners have been. I know he thinks I was blowing him off, but honestly I'm not going to apologize or try to explain when he didn't even bother asking.

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Think about it. Remember that the person you end up with will become your caregiver, which may not end up being all compassion and understanding.

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By f5hwo4. So if you want to find love, go for it. Anyone that thinks that you are doesn't deserve your time.

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Sometimes it feels like my death, when it comes, will be a relief for me, and a release for him. A few months later, I started dating another letter carrier, who I married 4 months later. You are NOT a burden. I married a man I liked but for all the wrong reasons and in the end, the MS was a problem. If you feel like dating, date and don't expect future commitments such as marriage.

Can i really date with this disease?

I respect my audience too much to just make that blanket statement though. Keep in touch with others that have MS. They are a great support for understanding what we are going through. People tend to frown on you when you cancel a lot, especially early on in a relationship. Our courtship was short, and we married 25 days after our first date. I would like to date but I don't.

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No one wants to be a caretaker in any degree. The marriage lasted 4 years. I hardly had ANY symptoms except for vertigo, double vision, numbness and occasional spasticity in my legs, and some hand pain. Fast forward to this past Saturday when I wake up after a very busy week at work and can barely walk, let alone stay awake. Even those without a mobility aid can have difficulty standing or walking for long periods of time.

Is this how it's going to be? So when he asked me out again, I cautiously agreed, but could we wait a couple of weeks?

Just fighting this disease makes you a stronger and more interesting person than a lot of people out there, always remember that. That is great in theory, but, I admit, I hate relying on people. It was a struggle for me to decide whether to be upfront about the MS or not but in the end, decided to be open.