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As you contemplate your priorities and assess what weekends are like now versus what they should be, remember you define your own success.


If your hobby is a social one, you also can enjoy the benefits of networking with people you may not have met otherwise which can contribute to your success down the line. Get Your Body Moving In addition to the importance of quieting the mind, it is just as vital you keep your blood pumping over the weekend. The urge to multi-task over the short two days of the weekend should be nipped in the bud. Keep your momentum strong, staying motivated throughout the weekend.

Successful people hit the ground running on a Monday morning by using time over the weekend to prepare for the week ahead. Arianna Huffington, President of the Huffington Post Media Group believes in the effectiveness of the practice of meditation so much, she offers weekly classes for her employees. Stephen Coveyfamed author of the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Peopleonce said in a news article he believes success is truly defined by individuals.

Plan an invigorating hike, start walking with friends, visit the gym first thing on weekend mornings.

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Take time to do things you truly enjoy doing during the weekend. What is important to you should be at the forefront of your life during each week and throughout each weekend. Volunteering in your own community not only enriches the lives of those you are helping, the work can do wonders for your own life. Saturday and Sunday tasks do not have to be all about work.


Celebrate all of the small successes as vibrantly as you celebrate the big ones. Experts recommend limiting daily tasks to just one or two a day so you can be sure to give it your all.


Even if you lack time to work out on the weekdays, the weekend is the perfect time to get moving. Continue growing fun experience and wisdom on your own path of success. Sitting at a desk all week is not day. Whether it be gardening in the backyard, learning to play tennis, or painting pictures, engage yourself in things that matter to you personally. Executives on the go during the nsa have made a habit of creating new traditions within their family to ensure connection and quality time are spent regardless of what else is going on.

High level executives like Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group, are dedicated to rising with the sun. The benefits of laughing and enjoying the company of those you love can help you relax and face Monday with a fresher, happier perspective. Get the rest of the family on the same so everyone can get out the door Monday morning without the usual hassle.

No Comments. The definition of success differs from one person to the next. Technology allows for a lot of distraction. This outlet allows you to reap the benefits of personal satisfaction which carries over into other parts of your life.


This perspective will help you to understand what you identify with success. Successful people are always ready for the next thing. If housework is too overwhelming, consider hiring help where someone comes in to tackle the biggest chores.

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In addition to the importance of quieting the mind, it is just as vital you keep your blood pumping over the weekend. Rather they view success as being able to do what they want and enjoy living the life they have created for themselves. Even though the typical work week ends on Friday, the weekend still holds plenty of opportunity for you to step up your game. The workouts will also keep your body fit and promote overall good health.


Many of the most successful people make a habit out of staying just as motivated on Saturdays and Sundays as they do during the week. Covey suggested thinking about what you want to be said about you during your own funeral. Many people spend their weekends obsessing over their Facebook newsfeed, worried they will miss out on something. Use Focus for Productivity The urge to multi-task over the short two days of the weekend should be nipped in the bud.

Make your Monday mornings less stressful by having your clothes ready, your briefcase and keys by the door, and your lunch packed. Limit only an hour or two over the weekend to your chores. Weekends are meant for relaxing and to maintain a quality work-life balance, you need to contemplate your specific life priorities.


Set aside Sunday afternoons to cook with the family for the week ahead. Meditation can fun as simple as sitting quietly and focusing only on the breath coming in and going out of your body. Successful people find their lives much more productive when they focus on one single activity at a time. Make part of your weekend plan to detox from the digital world. Yoga and other nsa are also touted for helping to quiet the mind and bring out a deeper understanding of ourselves. Forget Weekend Chores Surely there is a lot to get done around the house but plan to do that work during the weeknights early than over the weekend.

The exercise brings about clarity and focus in the mind, allowing you to organize your thoughts and sort through your priorities. The amount of time you get back for productivity and relaxation will be well worth the cost of paying someone else to take care of the dirty work.

No matter what your definition of success is, always remember it is your definition which means the most. Realize what you are truly missing day on is your own personal space and enjoyment of your weekend. As noted, highly successful executives get up early to jump on the treadmill to wake up their minds every day.

Part of your weekend plan should be preparing for the week ahead. The art of meditation has long been used to still the mind and bring about awareness and clarity.


Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Being involved with those in need of help locally can go a long way to reminding you of all you have to be grateful for in your own life. By establishing a guaranteed ritual with those you love, everyone has something positive and fun to look forward to no matter what happens throughout the week. Many successful people define it as finding that crucial balance of happiness, health, and achievement.

Writing lists on paper, even in this highly technological world, can still be a highly effective way to stay on track and organized. Consider new traditions your family will enjoy and make sure they happen as planned.


They are able to wake up knowing exactly what they need to accomplish. Those who have notably achieved great things throughout their life do not always define wealth and power as part of their own success.


Spending time doing things you love will help you achieve happiness and success. It has long been understood meditating can help lower stress levels, boost productivity, spark creativity, and promote overall better health. Most get up between am and am to exercise, check s, and start their day feeling accomplished.

Listing your priorities in writing can be an effective way to better plan every day of the week. Helping someone less fortunate than yourself allows you to truly gain insight to your own priorities and goals. Gratitude is an essential part of finding happiness in life. Make every Saturday night a game or movie night.

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It is important to think over the priorities of your life in general so you can maintain a well-rounded, nicely balanced life. Quiet your phone, turn off the television, and enjoy life unplugged — if only for a few hours. If you have a family, plan to spend quality time reconnecting over the weekend. She spends at least 20 minutes twice a day sitting quietly, practicing stillness.

Doing so increasing your concentration and efficiency so you can accomplish what you set out to do. If you need a break to refresh your mind and body, make the essential rest part of your daily plan.

Surely there is a lot to get done around the house but plan to do that work during the weeknights rather than over the weekend. Put a Plan On Paper Writing lists on paper, even in this highly technological world, can still be a highly effective way to stay on track and organized. The true secret of how highly successful people spend their weekends is easy — they continue to implement the good habits they use during the other five days of the week. Branson and many other Fortune executives believe in the benefits of rising early every day of the week. If you want to stay motivated for success, take a look at the 13 most common things successful people do on the weekends:.

Plan out your tasks and lay out your priorities for the upcoming week. Oprah Winfrey is adamant about her quiet time. Weekend tasks should be planned out just as they are throughout the week.