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After contacting them, they can't guarantee a reply lol I mean it can't get worse than that.

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Believe me, I tried three times without to broke any regulation except making multiple s So avoid dateinasia, don't waste your precious time there. Creepy little buggers. Have met several cool girls and had good vidchats and such with them; will presumably meet some in person. It makes no use to report a scammer.

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In a pleasant pleases dearest lovers in the normal worlds to do. It's a miserable practice!

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If you post something in a foreign language they make it clear, English only you will probably be banned. I don't know why everyone is complaining about getting banned? Any good review here is probably company posted and DIA is most likely a data mining business. How can I assure that my picture posted in there site is really deleted? To be a member here is a privilege and not a right. I actually think the site operates really cleanly and without fuss.

Don't waste your time with DIA. When you want to send a message or a like, your will be closed immediately.

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Because Date In Asia dating site didn't send me any notification that my is about to closed. Whats can you see thats the worlds beguns my darlings. Moreover, I think the site encourages their activity, since these beautiful but usually fake photos attract more users and help them make huge profits and separate people from their hard-earned money. It's a time waster. You register, start chatting, are very polite, make nice friends, and then out of nowhere you're banned for no reason. If you act a fool on there and disregard the rules and have no respect for the girls, then you are gonna have a bad experience on DIA.

The best thing to do is establish contact and then switch to facebook or skype or something like that. Whos people living in the trueth worlds. It used to be a good site and it helped some people but it's not the case any longer. I had the same the whole time, never any problems.

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Tip for consumers: Don't act a fool on the site. Do you want s me a things to do the lines comes true together with you 4 ever. Don't bother with this site. Or are just scammers. We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and.

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Scammers run rampant on DateinAsia, there is no control over them, they never get banned. ed yesterday, was clean with one picture, 1 hour later i logged in and DIA had it deleted, and didnt reply to my s.

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Scammers run rampant, there is no control over money scam, fraudsters never get banned. Why I do that?

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When you are showing dancing 4 ever. Have a nice day! I have been reading the reviews, and it looks like a lot of these people don't know how to internet. This site is useless, unethical, hopeless and pointless with arbitrary closures.

I also got banned 3 years ago or maybe more because I had an argument with a gold digger, they even got into the argument and stood against me, then banned my.

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You've been warned. So in my nervousness I tried to in again to check if my is still there. Would you like to saw now in lovers in forest looking animals. If you block girls left and right just for sending you a message or viewing your profile all you have to do is not respond to them and they will go awayyou will probably be banned. Today I logged in to find that my has been closed for no reason. They should name their site get scammed in asia. We well shall fullen in me.

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I was a user of this website, and followed the rules rigidly, but for some reason, they block me, i have requested 3 times for a reason So i have found better, and most in there are young girls just offering sex services for money. If you only go for the ones that look like supermodels, you will probably get scammed and then banned for crying to the admins about your own stupidity.

I have no idea what is the point, but this site doesn't allow you to make contact with women. I was Kicking myself wondering what i did to get Blanked. DateInAsia has a consumer rating of 1. I can't add much other than to confirm what the others have said is true.

Hello so i recently ed DIA and began ing my photos, then was able to speak to two of the fine ladies on the site, then suddenly the webmaster requested me to carry out an confirmation Sadly, I wasted a lot of time on DateinAsia and all I did was talk to scammers until they asked me for money. Moreover, I think the site encourages their activity, since these beautiful but usually fake photos attract more users and fleece them of their money, draining their bank s.

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Its like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, why bother? DateInAsia ranks 35th among Asian Dating sites. One thing I'm curious about: what's the business model of DIA? Why is it free?

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Where is yours fallen in me 4 ever. You write the site admins and they never respond and never reactivate your. I created an yesterday with nothing wrong, no bad photos, no sex or fetishism.

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Please dont miss a things to you. So i just created another. They immediately closed it. So Frustrating, its like talking to Children. Abide by the rules, and you will be ok. All I did on DateinAsia was talk to scammers until they asked me for money. I have been on that site off and on since it started and met lots of great girls on there when I was in the Philippines over the years.

Consumers complaining about DateInAsia most frequently mention phonenew and multiple s problems.

Opened an ….ed photos..

If you post indecent photos or anything that violates the rules, you will probably be banned. Evething i can do to you. I just ed this site a couple of weeks ago. I also activated my and logged out. I wasted a lot of time on DiA. They don't have this crazy of scammers and golddiggers like DateinAsia have.

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They have this crazy of scammers and golddiggers and dodgy users. If you talk nasty to the girls, you will probably be banned. Much of the same thing though All Ghosters or Yo Yo chatters. Tip for consumers: They say This is not a public service. Wow, what's with all the haters? Maybe that will happen but I don't have any reason to suspect it.

I don't know why they banned it. Since the first address I used it here were banned by them. I give it one star because zero is not possible.