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About a year ago, I went to Roskilde Festival with my friends. Including on the beach.

Your face reveals what you are eating

But when I look back on it, I was really just used. But as soon as they asked me if we should meet up, I shut down completely. Stared at. But it would be really nice if I could walk through any street without being pointed out or yelled at. For example, I like men with dark hair who are a bit chubby. I was just fat. Get smaller, take up less space. But instead of looking at these as possible factors, I was given medication for high blood pressure — which as a side effect gave me depression symptoms.


And I can understand that you like fat ladies, because we are damn nice to touch. This happens to fat people everyday. We were together the whole time. Since I was.

Your face reveals risk of heart attack

It felt serious. My friend was a fat activist and she introduced me to a community in Denmark of mostly women who call themselves fat positive, body-positive or fat activists. One of the worst moments I have experienced was in the healthcare system.


Body activism and fat positivity was a big eye-opener. I care a lot about fat representation in the media. Deleted the match. The nurses said my blood pressure was a little high — which turned out not to be right. So it is only about the body and not the whole person.

Filming me.


You could just lose the weight, right? And I really think he was crazy about me too. And I was treated badly because it was great to feel wanted. He ended up coming back to the party to pick me up and then we went to his place. We talked all evening — it was magical. I only knew my own body, and I was deeply ashamed of it. I thought we were probably soon going to be boyfriend and girlfriend — so I asked him.


We were sitting in front of one of the stages having some some drinks, minding our own business. I decided to send him a message on Facebook. Some of them try to change society in their daily lives by — as they say:. With Instagram, I was introduced to a whole new world.

And because I choose to dress however I want, for example by wearing crop tops. My mom has always been big and bullied a lot because of her weight. I participate in commercials, films and photo shoots. To show that a fat person can achieve everything in life and be happy just as well as a skinny person. And a lot of them are fighting to change the systems and society that oppress fat people. My goal is to show that it is achievable to live in a fat body without shame. I began to enjoy life.

I was terrified that men would reject me because of my body. When I started photographing these women back innot a lot of people in Denmark had heard about the movement. There was chemistry.


In other words, I have spent more than 20 years of my life dieting — disliking my own body. My 6-month-old daughter is also placed too high on the weight scale and we have already been told that we need to be careful with how much we feed her. Not try to change. When you see people who look like yourself represented in the media, you suddenly feel less wrong and strange. He had to leave the party because he had to get up early the next morning.

But what I actually find the hardest is the disbelief I get met with when telling my story. Someone looks like you. She wanted to take it back because, as she said, the word fat is just a description of a body.

The uprising of fat activism and body positivity in scandinavia

I wrote with some super cute guys. When I was pregnant with Luna, I was going to health consultations, as all pregnant women should. I love that you can follow fat influencers and get inspiration for outfits. I once had a friend who met a guy. I had actually put on five kilos. After that experience, I was insecure.

They refuse to be ashamed. It was only because I suspected the result to be false that I had my blood pressure measured again a few weeks later, which turned out normal. Opening Instagram and seeing girls celebrating showing off their bodies makes me feel stronger.


Of being objects of ridicule and hate on social media. I feel like I am an activist just by choosing to stay as I am in my fat body. Also because I choose to eat in public. She taught me a whole new language. And he had felt the same way.


The idea was that there is probably something wrong with you if you have to settle for a fat woman. Spat at.

I ate an ice cream if I wanted to and slowly started to talk nicely to my reflection in the mirror. I have two siblings, and my mother told me that you could see from a very young age that I was just bigger. After a few months I visited my mother in Stavanger. I want to shout out to the world and make them aware that this is daily life for fat people. I was just nervous, which can affect the blood pressure.

I also do talks at organisations and schools. And in bikinis. I was in love.


The clothing industry is a key issue for me. But something fundamental had changed in me. Also the arm buckle was too small — and that ended up giving a wrong result. And that I should lose it if I did.

What men look for in a woman's face

I met my boyfriend, Emil, at a party. Only that I was completely in shock. Suddenly, I had permission to just be me. Living in a fat body goes along with being yelled at, spat at, discriminated by both loved ones and for example the health care system. But because I was fat, they just assumed I was sick. Suddenly I see a guy pointing at me, laughing with his friends.

I was feeling really sick with flu symptoms and went to the doctor.


I think people should open their eyes and see that these things happen every day for fat people. Also about having to give birth. Laughed at.


We had always been at my place or his, having sex, watching movies and having fun. Some of them are Instagram activists and have chosen to stop only posting selfies of their faces, but to show their bodies. They refuse to hide. And she told us that the men were bullying other men who had fat wives. But with some of the men who like fat bodies, I experience it as a fetish. After a while I realize he is pointing his phone at me. I wrote something about him being cute and how nice the evening was.

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Recently, I was giving a talk and a woman told me something interesting: She had been at a workplace for years where there were almost exclusively men. In a new series of photos, I portray young Scandinavian women who insist on living in their fat bodies without trying to change or become smaller.


After all, everyone has their preferences.