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We're lucky that we can talk to our children about just about anything and they both say they are not bothered about sharing a room with each other. See all questions I am looking forward to go to this beach but when I see a good looking girl I cannot help myself but my penis stands what would happen like if I see a good looking girl with my penis and then a girl had under the age passed me what should I do when she is with her family.

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Whilst I still think of both of them as my babies and probably always will, they are both now growing up and going through puberty. Thanks Fearless for your reply. Also, one good tip I learnt from the mother of one of my son's friends was to apply suntan lotion before leaving for the beach.

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What you wrote was really sweet and has helped even more to put my mind at ease. On holiday however they often share a room with a sibling or a parent and don't have the required privacy to masturbate.

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They feel it will be an invasion of their privacy, which I do understand. I think if all the other young teens are naked, he will be fine to be nude as well, but less so if most other kids cover up. The other person who mentioned putting sun cream on before leaving for the beach is another good tip.

It turns out his main concern was that he feels he is likely to get frequent erections and would be embarrassed to be seen like that on a busy beach. They are good kids and know the difference between right and wrong. I do sometimes have a bit of a melt down and worry about things that I don't need to. Once again, many thanks for such a nice reply.

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Virtually all of them will be naked, it is a naturist beach after all! At home we have a rule that if either one wants to masturbate, they go to their own room and shut the door. You should be proud of that. I am definitely now chilled out and counting the days till we depart. We might have to think about renting a 2 bedroom going forward, but it's too late for this holiday. Whilst excited about the holiday, my kids are slightly nervous, especially my son. It's hard to stop kids wondering over there from time to time, but it's best for families to keep to the main part of the beach.

I don't know how comfortable you or your partner would be discussing the delicate subject of masturbation with your son? Quite simply stay on the family section of the beach and let him decide what he wants to do. I did suggest when they go to bed they leave the door open till both have finished masturbating but they don't seem too keen.

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I'd rather they had separate rooms but that's not possible for this holiday. Yes, it did happen a few times to both of them, as it did to the numerous friends they made, but was never seen as a problem by anyone on the beach. I know they are both used to seeing each other naked and my daughter has seen my son with an erection many times. I definitely need a good holiday! Finally, as you are probably aware, whilst the main family part of the beach is great for kids, there is adult sexual activity that occurs on the other part. If you do it at the beach, once you start rubbing it in to your private parts, well you can guess what is likely to happen!

Lots of other parents must have had this problem on holiday with pubescent siblings sharing a room, but I can't find much information online.

We have been sex the naturist lifestyle at home all summer and last year visited a quite nudist beach in Spain a couple of times so it won't be a wanting shock to any of us when we all strip off on Cap d'Agde for the first time. If he decides some days not to go completely naked on the beach, would that be OK? Are most the other boys his age normally naked? So stop worrying, be grateful you have such a teens family, relax and have a great holiday! Thanks for any advice. They are both aware that the other one masturbates nightly and have promised to, as much as possible give each other privacy and not get up to any silliness.

Regarding your other point, you have certainly got me thinking and also slightly worried. Thanks Fearless for your wonderful reply. If you can give you son some privacy each morning to relieve his sexual frustration before you leave for the beach, I think you will find any erection he does get on the beach will be rare and short lived. If anyone reading this has any helpful advice and can put this worried Mum's mind a rest once againI'd be very calvisson to hear it. As a Mum with 3 boys, I know It's something that many parents of young teens worry about.

We've explained to him that it's the same for all teenage boys going through puberty and most people won't care or barley notice. No one will mind either way - trunks or no trunks. We've just got back from a wonderful week in Cap d'Agde.

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She is 12, 18 months younger than him. From reading your posts, you are clearly a great Mum and raising 2 well adjusted children.

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My boyfriend and I have had a good chat with my son and he is much happier now. We learnt the hard way with out eldest son no pun intended! As I'm sure you are aware most teenage boys normally masturbate daily. My partner says after a day or so, he will be so used to being naked, he will find the erections become less and less frequent.

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I told him I will pack a pair of speedos just in case, but he confidently said, "nah, won't be needing them. Hedayatsa, thanks for your reply, but no, that is not what I was thinking. My boyfriend and I will sleep in the living room whilst my son and daughter will share the only bedroom.

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You and your children have a very healthy attitude towards the challenges of puberty and being a naturist family. Even so, I still can't help feeling slightly uncomfortable. They normally get on pretty well and it's always worked out well in the past.

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This will be our first proper naturist holiday as a family and we are all learning all the time. Thanks everyone for your replies. I have a 14 year year old son going through a particular difficult stage of puberty where he seems to be highly sexed, gets frequent erections and will be sleeping in the same room as his 12 year old sister where they are both likely to be masturbating at the same time. If your son really felt that he wanted a to wear a swimming costume, I don't suppose that would be a problem, but to be honest he would probably feel a bit weird, being the only one wearing textiles.

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I do sometimes over worry things and hit the panic button occasionally. During the summer months there are literally hundreds of children and teens enjoying the main beach with their families. You have had a good chat with your kids, that's great, they are not fazed by sharing a room and have agreed to respect each others privacy.

Son did anusling to mom while she was talking on the phone with her husband.

Others, calvisson at the water's edge would run into the sea. I am visiting for the first time in mid August See all questions. That way you are all much more comfortable being naked when you turn up at crowded nudist beach for the first time. They always do this. Some boys if sitting or lying on their backs would turn to lie on their fronts to hide a hard on. There used to be a great website with really good advice for 1st time young nudists, I can't find it now but if I do I'll send you the link.

To keep the cost down we have rented a one bedroom apartment. DizzyMum, glad to hear your son is fine about being naked now and no longer worried about getting erections. In a young teen who is used to regular self relief, after several days of abstinence he will basically become a walking erection! My boys, 12 and 13 had the same fear regarding getting hard whilst naked on the beach as your sex. My partner is wanting laid back about the whole thing and says I worry too much, but I am slightly worried. It's not that I don't trust my children, I do, but I also know what raging teenage teens can lead to.

We had a good chat and they have both assured me, they have complete respect for each other's sexual needs and that I have nothing to worry about. It's great that you can be so open with your kids and discuss subjects other families might just brush under the carpet.

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Ranked 6 of 83 Attractions in Cap-d'Agde. I am visiting for the first time in mid August for 2 weeks with my partner and my 2 children, a girl aged 12 and a boy who has just turned My partner is an experienced nudist, me and the kids less so, although we have been to a quite nudist beach a couple of times. My partner has been a nudist for years, but it is still relatively new for me and my. A few tips I do remember, If you don't already do so, it's a good idea for your whole family to practice nudism at home before the holiday.

But I'm sure you can understand why I was concerned.