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Most popular posts. Custom tees featuring Betty's favorite tagline and vulva flowers. Pleasure is Healing. Terrific purchase! I just bought this for myself for my birthday yesterday! All of our live workshops are on hold until We've launched virtual Bodysex workshops to provide healing and support. Click for More Info. Betty Dodson's Bodysex Workshop.

First Time Orgasm. The Orgasm Doctor.

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This article describes the types of orgasm and how you can enhance your pleasure alone and with a partner. Betty Dodson created Bodysex in Learn how it all started - how we continue Bodysex today across the globe. Betty Dodson's Orgasm Masterclass. See all. Recent Articles. My First Genital Show and Tell. They printed every word that came out of my mouth.

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Bodysex Calendar. Purchase print and ebook versions of our books.

Subscribe to our newsletter To get latest news and updated right in your inbox. Her rise to feminist icon and PhD sexologist. Practice these steps and enjoy multiple orgasms. Learn how to penetrate your vagina and engage your pc muscle to achieve orgasm and enhance your orgasms. Browse our books, ebooks, dvds, jewelry, tees and internal clitoris from our branded Amazon and Etsy storefronts. Penetrating Your Vagina for the First Time. We filmed a Bodysex workshop in High Definition for the ages. Virtual Bodysex is Live All women can orgasm with the right education and support.

We focus on overcoming negative body image and pleasure anxiety. Awakening the Clitoris. Betty's Barbell. Betty Dodson's Art. Bodysex Leaders.

My Interview in Glamour. Shop Our Products. View Dates. Watch Our Premium Videos. I asked Betty if she'd like me to lead genital show and tell. Read Betty and Carlin's feature articles and posts from our Bodysex Leaders. Sex by De. Betty Dodson's life story. Carlin: My Orgasm. This is a must-read feminist classic.

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Liberating women one orgasm at a time. Internal Clitoris in White Bronze. Browse our jewelry line, custom tees and best-selling internal clitoris in white bronze. Female pleasure is mainstream The Group was Thoughtful - There for Transformation. Exclusive videos. Read my posts and posts by our Bodysex leaders across the globe. She answered with a resounding "yes". Feminists established the clitoris as a woman's primary sex organ back in the 70's. Watch a private session with Betty Dodson starting with the genital exam and going through to orgasm techniques.

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Taking a bodysex workshop is transformative. How you masturbate is how you have partner sex. When we shot these clips, it was just me, Lawrence Lanoff and a camera.

All women can orgasm with the right kind of clitoral stimulation. Take a Workshop. After each workshop, I blog about the experience.

Read Bodysex Posts. I have had three multi-orgasmic self love sessions in the 24 hours since this purchase.

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This article is for women with both numb and hypersensitive clitorises. In order to enjoy premium video content on this site, you must be a site member and logged in. Read articles.

Included are two clips detailing genital show and tell and Betty's Rock 'n Roll Orgasm technique. With a simple clit workout, you can get to full pleasure.

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Betty Dodson. It was my first solo interview. Become a member to view all videos. My video is the first in our "My Orgasm" series documenting authentic female orgasm.

Amanda ed us in the circle and she understood the depths of the "Bodysex Effect. Dates and locations for all upcoming Bodysex workshops in NYC. Find a workshop near you offered by our Bodysex Leaders.

Step-by-step breakdown of how to run your own Bodysex workshop with pics. Order DVD copies of our original films. Order on Amazon. We put together this Orgasm Masterclass to break down everything you need to know to enjoy a fulfilling sex life. There was so much love and support that it was an honor to hold the space for them. If you have any questions, drop me a line admin dodsonandross.

What is Bodysex? The Pleasure is Ours.

Order on Etsy. Bodysex Basics.

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All women can orgasm with the right education and support. Silver Internal Clitoris Necklace. Betty, Carlin, Sheila Shea, and several women ed us in the circle. Clitoral stimulation with vaginal penetration - the combination orgasm - is orgasmic bliss.

It's anatomically correct in size and perfect for presentations. Every woman should penetrate her own vagina for the first time.

Our first post-Covid piece and Betty nailed it. Betty Dodson Tees.

I wanted to share my sex history and my masturbation practice taking you through Betty's orgasm technique. How To Use the Barbell.