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That the devastation of generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people has been compared to the potential rescheduling of a national holiday is also evidence that colonial power structures are still in play. Its first act was to pass the white Australia policy.


You say: Yeah, that is a bit of a problem. It means you want it to be fair and inclusive. Besides, that date really only has ificance for Sydney, or New South Wales at a stretch. The Liberal MP and Yamatji man Ken Wyatt also thinks we should hold off on changing the national day until Australia becomes a republicwhile others say the date of a referendum to recognise Indigenous people in the constitution — assuming that such a referendum takes place and is successful — should be the new, inclusive, national holiday.

Massacres and protest: Australia Day's undeniable history.


Referendum on constitutional recognition on 31 January, anyone? You say: Was it, though? Others, such as tent embassy founder Michael Anderson, say that until Australia becomes a republic and s a treaty with its first peoples, it has no cause for celebration.


With a bit of planning, we could ensure that the replacement public holiday also fell in prime beach weather. Changing the date won't change Australia's culture of violence Tony Birch.


The impacts of colonisation are ongoing and manifest as the high rates of Indigenous incarceration and child removal, and paternalistic policies such as the Northern Territory intervention. Reuse this content.

P ublic opinion about Australia Day is changing.

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You say: Actually, the Australia Day public holiday has only been held on 26 January since Prior to that it was held on the Monday closest, because Australians love a long weekend. The colonisation of Australia was incremental and bloody pretty much the whole way around, so finding a date free of any specific atrocities is quite difficult. Thu 25 Jan Australia Day's barbecue stopper is the same every year Paul Daley. Calla Wahlquist. You say: Look, this is fair.


Changing the date will not fix them, though many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people say it would be a good start. That makes the official tradition of holding Australia Day on 26 January one year younger than the high court decision overturning the doctrine of Terra nulliuswhich undermined the whole premise of British settlement of Australia.

Also, opposition to Australia Day is rooted in opposition to the dispossession, death, cultural destruction and injustice wrought by colonisation and those concerns are both ongoing and constant. If we truly are a great country, then we should do better. Hardly the illustrious birth of a nation. You say: Pushing for a change to Australia Day does not mean that you hate Australia. Australia Day.

Australia Day: a guide to changing minds without ruining the barbecue.

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It just means that you want Australia to be a fair, inclusive, accepting society with a national holiday that everyone can enjoy. Given that Australia is home to 65, years of human history and the longest continuous cultures on the planet, it seems odd to hang all our national pride on the day some prison ships arrived. It was the day the British navy pulled into a bay that would become a penal colony for a country with a poor social safety net and ignored express instructions from the crown to establish a treaty with the native people.

So, how do you talk to someone who is on the fence into supporting a change in the way we celebrate Australia Day? We have compiled this handy guide.


But the main objection to this argument is that it is falsely suggests that the negative impacts of colonisation suddenly stopped when we got an Australian prime minister.