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All of these factors brought up second, third and fourth thoughts as I stood outside the wooden doors at the entrance to the Dance Studio. And what I gathered from them was actually pretty different from what I personally felt.

I estimate we had six lines of dialogue between each other. With the additional step of temperature taking out of the way, I was led into the studio itself, where I saw all the nine other people who were taking part. The most I ever got into art was watching Bob Ross on Twitch and being dragged to art galleries with my parents. But whatever awkward feeling she had when she arrived dissipated over time. All viable reasons to turn right around, back into Little India station, and cower my way back home.


Despite all the criticism and miniscule turnouts in its first few years, there had been a consistent amount of attendees to its events throughout the years, and as such has continued to soldier on. Additionally, my fears of age gaps were realised when it came to the icebreakers. Maybe it was because she had a friend there who attended the event with her, so she had someone she knew beforehand to converse with. It was peculiar to notice that, especially as most of the guys there, me included, attended the event by ourselves. So why was I afraid to enter?

Outside of those couples, though, conversation was flying.


I noticed most of the room was fairly silent, save for the dating person I talked to and one other guy, who seemed to be the only two people willing to engage in conversation. I noticed one pairing that only talked once when their turn was singapore. I figured that was essentially the reason this dating event, along with most others featured by SDN, was focused around an activity, like dancing, karaoke, or painting.

Amongst a whole bevy of policies meant to reverse their stance on family planning, the Social Development Unit or SDU for short, was set up in They organised dating sessions, singles cruises, tea dances and the whole shebang to get Singaporeans to find their event love, their dream girl or guy, and hitch them up.

The rest of the room was quiet. I was all set to get my flirt on against the clock, but I was refused entry.

Not to mention all the other social pressures, from the benefits of buying a flat for married families to how love is portrayed in media and society. She was later shocked when I told her the organisation is still up today.

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In orientation camps, you can interact naturally with those you feel comfortable with throughout the camp. We all came to this event thinking it would be a social event with the possibility of a date. Whatever it was, I finally maintained a semi-normal conversation with someone at this event without feeling a need to talk to them. Additionally, you can dictate the role they play in your lives, from friend to study partner and so on.


Only two others looked roughly within five years of me, and all of them were already in the workforce, either as engineers, teachers, IT personnel, you name it. I wake up, this is the first thing I see on my phone. Normally I love these kinds of events where I meet new people. This is just above the 21 year-old threshold that the SDN and most supported agencies set for these dating events, but for this particular event, I was still a bit too young.

How could that be?


These events are meant for working adults. I was the only one who was probably still studying. If you needed Lee Kuan Yew to find your love, you were a punchline. They were too effective.


The silence between us, though, created a whole heap of tension. Maybe it was her painting her boat that made her at ease to be honest, it was a great boat. And with every passing birthday, that pressure increases and increases. Before I delve into my experience, I think you deserve a run-through of what you just read above.

I was game for that as well, not to mention that this time, there were vacancies.


I was actually surprised. Additionally, she did not find the whole event awkward, unlike me.


Otherwise, she was focused on her artwork, and I was focused on mine, which to be honest, was actually going quite well for someone who doubted their own artistic merit at drawing stick figures, let alone acrylic painting. Every once in a dating, one of them would break off from their pairing to chat with their friends across the room. A romantic relationship, at that.

All 40 slots taken up. This particular event I ed up for was hosted by a dating agency that normally specialised their dating events centered around dancing. As a current university undergraduate, the second point was rather welcoming. No sooner did the letters S,D and U roll of my tongue, she recalled everything about it, going into rant mode about how it was a crazy social engineering project through the government actively setting up dates.

Why the hesitation? Nevertheless, I put on my grown-up impression for the icebreakers, and we singapore to the paint-date proper. Yep, the SDU is event here in the present day. Whenever I meet someone new, be it online, through group work or co-curricular activities, it goes out quite well.

My facial hair could add years to my age looks-wise, but I am nowhere near their target audience. However, instead of such conversation arising organically, I felt like it was an obligation to talk.


At least, that was the case between paired couples. Needing some input for seniors as to how the early days of the SDU was like, I asked a close, reliable source: my mother. Secondly, they had gotten rid of all educational criteria by and rebranded themselves into the Social Development Network, or SDN for short. I was free to explore what the SDN had to offer. They were, in fact, the same agency that organized the tango session I was supposed to attend. It became more comfortable over time.

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But hang on. For starters, the SDU was intended for university graduates only. If you remember your secondary school curriculum, you may remember how effective these measures were. So why the obligation? More on that later. After computing literally every possible scenario in my head, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and told my friend to do the right thing for my mental health. I know jackshit about painting. The next event we considered was a speed dating event, similar to the one in the video above, but with much less people. Me included, there was a nice five-five split in girls and guys, and there was no same-sex dating option no surprises thereso everything was nicely engineered.

Thinking about it for a while now, I think I might know why.


However, everyone else in that room, Pei Chen included, were all in the workforce. It all felt, rather disturbingly to me, like clockwork. Though the facilitator told everyone to not mention their age for privacy reasons for me, mercyI could just sense the room.

And then the panic attack began. They probably have more relatives than that singular aunt breathing down their necks, demanding a husband or a wife.


The first person I was paired with was also painting for her first time, so lucky me, we were able to talk about our combined struggles of painting for the first time. In fact, I even remember her name: Pei Chen. More specifically, the government noted the problem was with university graduates, especially women, that were simply uninterested in relationships. Firstly, they had given up on actually arranging dates and events, instead becoming a government body that supports the dating industry and promoting marriages.

I was heavily involved in orientation camps in university, and made some of my closest friends through those events. You see, all the women at that event came with at least one friend.