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They managed to marry straight, despite their same-sex attraction. Religion is often a strong motivator for these couples. All of which is to say: Taken together, SSAs are an incredibly broad group.

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Self-identified SSA men in heterosexual marriages generally accept the reality of their same-sex attractions but have chosen to get hitched to a woman. He fantasizes about her sexually.

I mentioned earlier that SSAs are not necessarily anti-gay. So it's no surprise that religious institutions are increasingly embracing the SSA concept.

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They thought it would be easier to get along in society in general, even with the tolerance that exists now. He prayed and prayed and prayed and nothing happened -- and then he met this girl and they got to be friends, they got to be really good friends.

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But where things get really interesting are relationships like Weed's in which one partner is predominantly attracted to the same sex and yet is married to a member of the opposite sex. But Throckmorton urges open-mindedness. Profile Go Ad-Free Logout.

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If a partner in a heterosexual relationship rates as anything other than 0 on the 7-point Kinsey scale, you arguably have yourself a mixed-orientation marriage. The third-largest group consisted of same-sex attracted men who experienced sexual attraction to a single woman.

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But there are plenty of SSA men who believe that homosexual behaviors are a religious sin -- and, as the recent amicus brief shows, some are willing to go so far as to politicize their identity in order to fight equal rights for gays. Inthe American Psychological Association came out in support of this approach, noting that it can be beneficial for some clients.

But he still fantasizes about men too.

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Or they might adapt their religious beliefs to allow for the expression of their sexuality. He breathed in deep.

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It can also mean that they choose their religious identity over their sexual desires. Throckmorton, an evangelical Christian, developed a framework for counseling people whose sexuality is in conflict with their religious beliefs.

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For a while, he considered the possibility of a relationship with another man, but he ultimately decided to pursue relationships with women, despite his lack of sexual attraction to them. This does not sit well with a sex-positive liberal like myself who dreams of sexual freedom and fulfillment for everyone.

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They grew up together in Utah and she was the very first friend he told about his sexual attraction to other boys. When Throckmorton surveyed SSA men in relationships with women, he found that the largest sub-group were bisexual.

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Although he once supported conversion therapy, about a decade ago he came out against it and does not believe that gay people can be made straight. That said, they do miss that carnal heat.