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Kerry Cronin came to a similar conclusion. It was hard. And you can see the joy on their faces as they talk about it. It's never too late to date, and would-be leaders of tomorrow would do well to try this new old paradigm.

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It's nice! Acting like toddlers or animals in a spring break jungle is easy. What do you talk about? Following the dating protocol called for a measure of social courage that some of The Dating Project participants had never before mustered.

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Some of the girls seem wholly on board with the animalism of it all, but many aren't. It doesn't take a journalism degree to see a veritable sea of MeToo moments materializing right under the noonday sun.

What does love mean to you? Lord only knows how bad things got under cover of night. And from the comments of The Dating Project participants, it appears she was right. He realized that avoiding commitment because it felt too limiting ended up, paradoxically, becoming limiting. The whole model of how to go on a date was gone. But these are some of the civilizing disciplines that distinguish humans from animals and adults from children.

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Self-reflection is also a trait unique to adult men and women. This raises some interesting questions: Why are otherwise intelligent young people giving themselves over to such sexual nihilism? Not all of their generation has given up on love, after all.

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It wasn't that they didn't want to. What exactly is a date? How do you ask someone out? A fter Benjamin Nolot finished making Nefarious: Merchant of Soulshis first film on international sex trafficking, he found himself haunted by one question: What kind of society produces men willing to buy a woman or child for sex?

Shenzi, also a student, said that while asking someone out was scary at first, following the structure helped her learn to discern between merely being attracted to someone and getting to know him as a person.

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A seed for The Dating Project was sown when Cronin had the common sense simply to reflect back to her students what they were saying and doing. They didn't even know where to start. Like any good teacher, she defined the terms and provided structure for carrying it out. She identified three levels of dating, with parameters for each so that students could learn steps for building a healthy relationship.

Cronin became known as "The Dating Professor," and after several years of coaching students in the art of dating, she teamed up with producer Megan Harrington to make The Dating Projecta feature-length film that looks at single life and the dating paradigm through the eyes of several singles ranging from college age to the forties. What do you do on a date?

What does sex mean to you? Cronin had a hunch that people were dissatisfied with the hookup culture but didn't know how to break out of it. But civilizing the jungle, like civilizing toddlers, will be hard. They had to interact in the light.

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They had to engage in one-on-one, unmediated conversation, which required the give-and-take of listening and articulating thoughts on the fly. To her utter surprise, they didn't know how to do that. Nolot and his crew ventured right into the bedlam and started asking questions.

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About ten years ago, the philosophy professor at Boston College realized her students didn't date anymore. So she turned it into an asment.

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And he found that satisfying. His plan was to include a short spring-break scene capturing young adults' attitudes about sex.

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But what he saw during spring break reshaped the entire project. Sex doesn't mean anything," said Loden, who wears a big cross necklace and moves effortlessly among girls' bodies, getting kisses and grinds. Reexamining their relational patterns, then, and following a more civilized relational protocol, turned into something of a crucible through which they grew into more mature men and women. But what really made Nolot pivot to focus on spring break was the sexual coercion and violence he saw. So for his follow-up film he turned his attention to the sex industry. Yech," said a bikini-clad brunette giving the thumbs-down.

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It could be three or four a night, and it's better if she's a virgin. They risked rejection. But within seconds, she gave in, "Okay, I'm sure we can probably work that out. What is spring break about? The result, Liberated: The New Sexual Revolutionsquarely centers on college students on spring break.

When she found out more about hookup culture, she started encouraging them to consider an alternative: Why not go on dates? Why are they even there in the first place? Chris, a never-married actor in his forties, had more insightful reflections.