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You can now copy text from images to paste wherever you like. Have some fun The discerning mobile gamer deserves only the best Android has to offer Jordan Palmer and Rachel Mogan 4 hours ago These are the best wireless earbuds you can buy at every price Ted Kritsonis 1 week ago. Courtney Lynch 1 hour ago.

Ring has a whole lineup of great video doorbells, and as you can imagine, there are just as many great accessories to go with them. It's app-enabled and can clean for nearly two hours before returning to its power station. Wireless charging on past Pixels was always a bit of a guessing game. Have your credit card information ready. Telegram has introduced several new updates and improvements to the app, including two new web apps and enhancements to the Android app.

Big improvements Galaxy S21 series phones get another camera boost with May security update Babu Mohan 5 hours ago.


If you've heard all the fuss about the popularity surrounding the Raspberry Pi, this is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know. All about the experience A good smartwatch experience is about more than just good looking hardware. Offering a mix of great audio, comfort, and a super original de, the Buds Live bring a lot to the table.

A colorful lineup Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 leak reveals storage and plenty of color options Michael Allison 20 hours ago. After the backlash from many players missing out on the last strangely limited demo on PlayStation, Capcom is extending the availability of the final cross-platform demo for Resident Evil Village to a full week.

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Who will lift the trophy? Not to worry, we can help you disable the feature so that you can get the natural photos your prefer in no time. Copy text from images in Google Photos with a few simple steps Jeramy Johnson 1 day ago. The phone delivers high-end hardware on a budget, making it a truly outstanding choice if you're looking to upgrade in The long-running tactical RPG series makes its debut on mobile with a bang!

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Spotify today announced extended integration with Facebook that would allow the social media app to stream songs directly from Spotify. Take control Here are the best Oculus Quest 2 controller alternatives to up your game! So luxurious If you want a fashion-focused fitness tracker, you'll love the Fitbit Luxe Courtney Lynch 6 hours ago.

Brightness Light Mode Dark Mode. Samsung's next Galaxy Z Flip just had all of its upcoming colors leak online. The Wyze Robot Vacuum can efficiently navigate your home to clean your floors on command. Misbehaving apps can bog down even the most powerful device. If you've been consistently underwhelmed by the lack of style that fitness trackers provide, the Fitbit Luxe will change your mind. The Oculus Touch controllers that ship with the Quest 2 are great, but they're not best for every single experience. Every year, Motorola releases a new Moto G phone as a way for people to get a solid Android handset without spending too much cash.

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These best Oculus Quest 2 controller alternatives make more sense for traditional games or flight simulators, as well as a few alternative gaming experiences. Finding the PlayStation 5 in stock right now is pretty tough, so we've rounded up all the best retailers that have the new consoles available on a consistent basis. Unique profiles and speeds meant that you had to search high and low to find chargers that worked.

You don't have to pay full price to get yourself a set of Sony's latest noise-cancelling headphones. Jeramy Johnson and Christine Persaud 2 hours ago. Unplug it and count to 10 Why you should restart your phone every day Jerry Hildenbrand 6 hours ago 3.


However, don't expect the full experience as far as features are concerned. Forums Shop Toggle Search.


Looking to buy a PS5? You've come to the best place. Form vs. Here are some of our favorites. Target should be restocking the PS5 on April 28, giving you another chance at finally buying the elusive console. One of the most useful Google Lens features has finally been ported over to Google Photos on the web. Powerful integration You can now listen to Spotify songs directly in Facebook Michael Allison 22 hours ago 2.

It's expected to be released sometime in July. Some phone are happy to pay retail, but others are looking for a deal — and one of the ways to find discounts is to look for refurbished phones. We can help you choose. The days of being locked into a lengthy wireless contract are over, as there are a plethora of prepaid options that allow you to pay for your date service on a month-to-month basis.

Beloved characters return, new friends in, and the Netherworld is yours for the taking IF you can manage to train the perfect Overlord. Google is partnering with hospitality companies to bring the Nest Hub smart display to more hotel rooms across the U. Samsung is bringing back an experimental feature to its latest Galaxy Buds Pro, allowing users to control the volume with a double-tap gesture.

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Active Zone Minutes give you a buzz when you reach your target heart rate. The next stable Chrome release will finally bring the refreshed form controls UX to Android. Samsung's Galaxy S21 series phones have started receiving a new update with the May security patch and more camera improvements. Look ma no wires Charging is better than ever on the Pixel 5 with these wireless chargers Ara Wagoner 20 hours ago. You can try to figure everything out yourself, but it's a whole lot easier to hit that restart button if you have a phone that's just not acting right.


Lots of new features Chrome 91 will finally bring revamped form controls to Android devices Babu Mohan 8 hours ago. With Android 11 out of the box, four cameras at the back, and an interesting new de, it is the upgrade you've been waiting for. We're rounding up the best games, free and premium, you should be playing today.

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Almost a great phone Moto G10 Power review: Awesome battery life, underwhelming hardware. Includes built-in GPS to track your outdoor runs, rides, hikes, and more.


Check out all these great discounts from around the web on the Sony WHXM4 and get yourself some new cans for less. You may prefer things to be smooth when you're sailing, but not so much when it comes to yours or someone else's face when your taking photos with your Samsung Galaxy phone. Making up for lost time The final Resident Evil Village demo will now be available for a full week Zachary Boddy 1 day ago. The battery life lasts for up to 40 hours on a single charge.

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Google had rolled out the changes to the desktop versions of Chrome last year. SideQuest's new app eliminates those steps, letting you finally sideload to Quest without a PC or wires. Not sure if you'd be better off with the Fitbit Luxe or Charge 4?

These new consoles are selling out fast but retailers are putting PS5 systems up for sale in waves.

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Sick of having to boot up your PC and plug in a bunch of cables just to sideload new apps or updates to your Oculus Quest or Quest 2? Nicholas Sutrich 22 hours ago. Thankfully with the Pixel 5, things are much more mainstream and chargers are more widely available. These are the best Roku products in each streaming category. Samsung's long-awaited Galaxy Buds Live are here, and they're really good. Anker's BassUp tech boosts those low frequencies, too. Convenience Telegram update adds scheduled voice chats, new payment features, and more Derrek Lee 21 hours ago.

Roku is a leader in the streaming device space thanks to its simple and beloved user interface and its wide range of streaming products.